Federal judge blasts Army Corps of Engineers for failing to protect New Orleanians during Katrina ~Mark Schleifstein

Posted on April 16, 2013 By

~In his Friday ruling, Duval pointed out that he had presided “over this hydra-like ‘Katrina Umbrella’ litigation for almost eight years. One central theme has been painfully obvious throughout this entire process,” he wrote. “Many of the levees protecting New Orleans and the surrounding area were tragically flawed. “However, lamentably, there has been no judicial relief for the hundreds of thousands of people and tens of thousands of businesses impacted,” he said. “The Flood Control Act of 1928 as interpreted over the years gives the United States Army Corps of Engineers virtually absolute immunity, no matter how negligent it might have been in designing and overseeing the construction of the levees.” Read more.

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