Nebraska USGS assists with emergency stream gauges during Colorado flooding

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Nebraska Water Management interactive poster. Click image to access.

Nebraska is currently preparing for the arrival of flood waters, which were forecast to arrive sometime on Sept. 17. The National Weather Service is predicting record-breaking flooding as far east as Brady, Nebraska, during the next few days, with updates to the river forecast likely.

As Nebraskans await the deluge down the South Platte River, from Colorado all the way to the Missouri River, the USGS Nebraska Water Science Center has been assisting the USGS Colorado Water Science Center with emergency stream-gauging while that state continues to deal with rain and flooding along the front range of the Rocky Mountains. The South Platte River at Fort Morgan stream-gauge in Colorado was washed out late in the day on Sept. 14, 2013. The peak flow at the Fort Morgan gauge was approximately 50,000 cubic feet per second. A cubic foot is about the size of a basketball. A Nebraska USGS team was able to make a discharge measurement, assist with installation of a rapid-deploy stream-guage system within 12 hours of the outage, and resume stream-flow measurements. Click here for the real-time interactive USGS National River Gauge Map

USGS Flood Gauge Map, click to go to interactive real-time map.

USGS Colorado Flood Gauge Map, click to go to interactive real-time map.

Flooding has caused widespread infrastructure damage in Colorado, with as many as 1,000 people stranded and awaiting rescue, hundreds more displaced, and as many as six people dead. As many as 12 counties have been affected. Read More

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