Winter Storm Dion Opens New Round of Snow and Ice for the U.S.; Extreme Warmth in Alaska ~Dr. Jeff Masters’ Wunderblog

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This severe cold wave is due to an extreme jet stream kink, as we’ve so many times over the past few years. The jet stream is stuck in an unusually wavy configuration that is bringing remarkable hot and cold weather extremes to the entire continent. A sharp trough of low pressure over the center of North America is allowing frigid Arctic air to barrel unusually far south, setting hundreds of daily records over the past few days. Temperatures in Northern Montana were as much as 50 degrees below normal, and in portions of Oregon, the cold blast brought the coldest temperatures since 1972. One station even set an all-time cold record: Lakeview, Oregon hit -27° on December 8, breaking the old all-time cold record of -24° set on Jan. 15, 1888. Temperature records there began in 1884. Read more.

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