Winter Storms Ion and Hercules continue to wreak havoc.

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Winter Storm Ion’s Bitterly Cold Temperatures and Dangerous Wind Chills Will Continue to Move South and East as “Hurricane” Hercules’ Force 10 Storm Aims for UK and Norwegian Offshore Oil Platforms

Cold temperatures and gusty winds associated with an arctic airmass will continue dangerously cold wind chills as far south as Brownsville, Texas and central Florida. This arctic airmass will affect the eastern two-thirds of the country on Monday as a sharp cold front moves towards the East Coast. The cold temperatures will remain in place through mid-week before a warming trend begins. ~Read more: National Weather Service

Click map for interactive page.

Click map for interactive page.

As the ice thickens in Thunder Bay, Canada underneath a polar vortex which has brought temperatures down to 26 degrees below F, and wind chills at negative 51 degrees (as I type this) a winter “hurricane” [Hercules] is churning up seas of 20 meters or more in the North Atlantic west of the British Isles.

Surfers in Portugal are no doubt eagerly anticipating legendary waves to hit their shores, however a storm of this magnitude is certainly causing a bit of worry for merchant vessels working the transatlantic trade who might be in the path of this monster, as well as oil and gas assets offshore the UK and Norway.~Read more: Rob Almeida, gCaptain

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