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The Esri Federal GIS (#fedgis) Conference kicks off today in Washington, D.C. the first major GIS event since last fall’s government shutdown. The mood might be described as tentative at best. The reason is continuing uncertainty just how much money will be available for GIS investment, once a lock for funding.

However, if there is money to be had, GEOINT still might be GIS’s best friend. So, it’s interesting that this year’s keynote speaker at the conference is National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) Director Letitia Long. The NGA appears now to be the lead agency in developing geospatial technology applications perhaps displacing the U.S. Geological Survey. The NGA is most often called upon on domestic emergencies (like Hurricane Katrina and various tornado outbreaks) as well as its international mission of intelligence-gathering. Long is pushing an agenda consistent with the agency’s expanded scope and the development of mobile applications that she wants pushed to the warfighter plus “online and on-demand” access to intelligence. Read more.

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