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We discovered Patrick Meier and iRevolution about the time we started DisasterMap.net a few years ago. His incredible work in studying and developing social media, particularly Twitter, as a manifestation of disaster response, recovery and resilience have been second to none. He is the leader in this field.

We became dedicated followers of his blog, so thus it was with great interest to see him moving into Humanitarian UAVs. (Please see previous posts) Everyone seems unnerved by Unmanned Arial Vehicles, or drones, from their use in warfare and long-distance surveillance. But it is with Disaster Applications that this technology will empower not only first responders on every level but also citizens to gain real-time situational awareness of their particular disaster. It is a wide open field, which is the only way to handle technology.

We are grateful for Patrick Meier, thank him for giving us permission to re-post iRevolution and remain proud to count them as a “partner” in our own burgeoning scene in Louisiana. ~Bruce Biles

The Humanitarian UAV Network (UAViators) is now live. Click here to access and join the network. Advisors include representatives from 3D Robotics, AirDroids, senseFly & DroneAdventures, OpenRelief, ShadowView Foundation, ICT4Peace Foundation, the United Nations and more. The website provides a unique set of resources, including the most comprehensive case study of humanitarian UAV deployments, a directory of organizations engaged in the humanitarian UAV space and a detailed list of references to keep track of ongoing research in this rapidly evolving area. All of these documents along with the network’s Code of Conduct—the only one of it’s kind—are easily accessible here. Read more.

I immediately signed up for this, figuring our business could contribute with Research, ie GIS Data analysis. But, believe me, I'd love to eventually become a Uaviator!

I immediately signed up for this, figuring our business can contribute with Research and Imagery. But, believe me, I’d love to eventually become a UAViator!

Also, I caught this today on Patrick Meier’s Twitter: UAV Triple Zero Summit: Mobilizing & Regulating Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in Emergency Response

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