How to Set Up and Run a “Map Your Neighborhood” Program

Posted on May 30, 2014 By

I’ve been interested in doing a “Map Your Neighborhood” program here in New Orleans to be better able to respond to hurricanes and their aftermath.  I think this blogger lives in Washington State and has since ceased blogging here. Along the Gulf Coast many evacuate ahead of major hurricanes. Yet, in New Orleans some will evacuate, while many more will shelter in place due to past experience with a stalled unmanageable system and routes and the difficulty of being allowed to return to our homes afterwards. I for one plan to remain come what may.  ~Bruce Biles

certlogoI decided to run this program in my neighborhood, and decided to provide you with my personal experience and resources that will make it easier for you to do it too!  But what is it?  Why do it? Keep reading.

What is it?  “Map Your Neighborhood” is a program designed to help neighborhoods prepare for disasters.  With it you can increase your odds of survival in a disaster.  It covers these topics and more:

  • The 9 steps you should take immediately following a disaster
  • How to identify skills and equipment available in the neighborhood
  • How to create a neighborhood map
  • What should be in your contact list
  • How your and your neighbors can start working together as a team!  (If nothing else, you’ll know who you can go to for help, versus who will probably need help.)

Why do it?  As you can see in one of my first CERT classes, the question is raised – “What can I do about helping my neighbors?”  And I add the second part of the question – “So that they can take care of themselves versus relying on my resources?”  In addition, you may have neighbors with special needs, and these should certainly be identified before an emergency. Read more.

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