HUD Announces $1 Billion Competition for Disaster Recovery Ideas ~Will Doig, Next City

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17th Street Canal Flood wall breach. New Orleans, 8-29-05

17th Street Canal Flood wall failure.
New Orleans, 8-29-05

I’ve grown regularly dependent on Next City as they seem to come out of everywhere with Disaster News Scoops.

The whole concept of Urban Resiliency drives my hammer due to‘s location in New Orleans.

Our city has come so far in the nine years since 8-29-05. Considering our elevation and the loss of protective wetlands, we’ve become informed by disaster response and recovery.

Indeed, Ariela Cohen helped start The Lens here after the flood, our award-winning alt online news media, then went on to work at nascent Next City.  They cover pretty much all the bases I’d want on Disaster Response & Mitigation, yet with a focus on cities and urban design. ~Bruce Biles

The latest contest in the federal government’s new competition-based approach to disaster resilience was announced today, this one aimed at communities recently struck by catastrophic events.

Called the National Disaster Resilience Competition, the initiative puts $1 billion up for grabs to the 67 communities that suffered a Presidentially Declared Major Disaster from 2011 to 2013. The money will fund “the implementation of innovative resilience projects to better prepare communities for future storms and other extreme events.”

All entrants must tie their project proposals directly back to the catastrophe from which they’re recovering — for instance, an applicant from Joplin, Missouri would have to submit an idea linked to the tornados that devastated that city in 2011. Approximately $180 million of the $1 billion is reserved for places affected by Hurricane Sandy specifically. It’s unclear how the remaining $820 million will be divvied up. Read more.

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