Iowa, Nebraska to get federal disaster funds for storm damage. Washington Ranchers lose hundreds of cattle, grass lands to wildfires

Posted on July 26, 2014 By

The Disaster Map is on the rock’n’roll across the nation from flooding and tornadoes in the Midwest to drought and massive wildfires out west. And of course from New Orleans to NYC we’re just waiting on the next hurricane. Disaster costs our nation money.

Missouri River System. Click to enlarge.

Missouri River Basin. Click to enlarge.

These disaster declarations release funding and resources. They are necessary, they come from taxes. New Orleans stands as a perfect example of why our country must stick together, and how disaster informs cultural cohesion within the nation. Yet, even with the cost benefits, Port of New Orleans / Louisiana Oil & Gas is no more valuable than Iowa and Nebraska River Systems or any small towns prey to tornadoes across the nation’s grain belt. Then there are massive wildfires in the midst of severe drought across the timberlands and orchards. ~Bruce Biles

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