And the Winner of the UAV/Drone Social Innovation Award Goes To? @PatrickMeier

Posted on September 15, 2014 By

As intimated last post, one of our family at has experienced a catastrophic stroke disaster requiring all hands on deck. This will become a focus for us in our business, to wit: the idea of Health Care within our business model of Local/National Disaster Response and Resilience.

Thus it was with unsurprised relief that I spied the latest here from Patrick Meier at iRevolution. The term Social Innovation has taken time to sink into my experience and subsequent thinking about Disaster.  But “Teaching young children with autism how to build and fly their own UAVs,” struck me with the idea of perchance using this sort of thing to help my business partner’s 15 year old son with his post-stroke physical therapy.  Patrick, you can follow Adam’s recovery @know_stroke and I know his step-daddy, my partner Dr. Ezra Boyd, would really appreciate a shout-out. He turned me onto your blog. ~Bruce Biles

The team behind this initiative to scale their work and teach autistic kids both better social skills and “concrete skills in drone technology that could get them a job one day. It’s just one of the many proposed uses of drones in schools and in science and technology education.” Read more.

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