Hashtag Standards for Emergencies ~OCHA Policy and Studies Series

Posted on November 22, 2014 By

This paper was written by Roxanne Moore and Abdrej Verity, and was made possible with the advice and support of Patrick Meier and Sarah Vieweg, from Qatar Computing Reserch Institue (QCRI). As part of the ongoing close collaboration between OCHA and QCRI, regular conversations on how to improve crisis computing have taken place over the past few years. In may 2014, members of OCHA and QCRI met in Doha to discuss our ongoing efforts and recognize that it is clar that innovations in policy were equally important as innovations in humanitarian technology. Standardization of social media and data hashtags and the encouragement of enabling GPS during crisis were recognized as a policy piece that could have major impact on integrating big-crisis data into emergency response going foward. This think brief is the culmination of the research. Read more (pdf).

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