West Coast Storm: 2 Fatalities, 6 Injuries, 17 Buildings Damaged, Tornado & Swift Water Rescues in L.A.

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Event Description:

A large coastal storm made land fall Dec. 11, 2014 on the US west coast, with impacts in California, Oregon, and Washington.  A second round of storm passed over the impacted areas on Dec. 16 & 17.

Summary of Hazards:

High wind, coastal flooding and high waves, inland flooding, heavy rain, ice, snow, dust storm.

Rainfall and Peak Windspeeds from NCEP


Summary of Impacts:

Coastal flooding reported along most of the coastline.  Isolated inland flooding reported.  Widespread power outages and traffic disruptions reported.  Dust storms and mud flows reported.


On the Ground Reports

1 Person Missing, Possibly Swept Away by Flooding from Second Round of Storms

Day After Report from SF Gate

Mudslide Traps Residents in Home in Camarillo Springs, CA

Swift Water Rescues in L.A. River

Tornado Damages 5 Homes in Los Angeles

Fatality Due to Wind Impacts

1 Fatality, 1 Injury Due to Wind Impacts

Two Injured Due to Wind Impacts

1 Injured Due to Wind Impacts

Houses Condemned due to Mudslide

Wind Impacts Damage Care Facility, 2 Injured

Mud flow blocks Pacific Coast Highway

Russian River Expected to Flood Today

Hwy 1 Flooded in Marion County

53,000 without Power in Seattle Area

150,000 Without Power in Southern California

90,000 without Power in Oregon

22,000 Without Power in Snohomish County, WA

15,000 without Power In Northern California

Power Outages Continue in SF Area

Coastal Home Destroyed by Waves and Erosion

Flooding around San Francisco/Bay Area

SF Mission District Flooded

Coastal Flooding around Seattle

Schools Closed in Bay Area

Partial Building Collapse in Portland

Tree Damage, Floods, and Snow Across Northern California

Snow and Flooding in Northern California


Social Media from the Scene:

Swift Water Rescue Team Deployed to Los Angeles River

Swift Water Rescuer Swept Away by Strong Currents in Los Angeles River

South Los Angeles Tornado

Heavy Rainfall and Flooding in San Francisco/Bay Area

500 ft Wide Washout of Pacific Coast Highway

I-280 Flooded

Street Flooding in San Fransisco

High Creek in Petaluma, CA

Mudslides Prompt Evacuations in Los Angeles Foothills

Mudslide Damage in Camarillo Springs, CA

“I’ve never seen it rain this hard in L.A.”

Dust storm in Bakersfield, CA

Wind Damage in Portland, OR Area

Time Lapse of Storm Passing Over Seattle


Stay Informed in Real Time the 

DisasterMap.net West Coast Storm interactive page




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