Natural disasters: The riskiest spots in the U.S. ~ @talyellin @CNNMoney

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As you all know, here at, interactive disaster mapping is but one of our raisons d’être, I’m definitely going to follow Tal Yellin on the twitters. We posted on RealtyTrac back in June. Here they deliver, as promised, even more coverage by county. Yet this ranks as one of the smoothest “InterMaps” (my word) that I’ve seen.

I’ve always been a big fan of CNN‘s disaster coverage, as they virtually spare no expense in branching out the net ever wider to pull in more of the most salient views necessary to get a handle on the scene. I watched them cut their teeth as the first in Iraq –the first time. This is such a useful Disaster Map. Indeed, we contract our data informed mapping services to real estate and insurance concerns (to name but two), as Disaster is pretty much IT in economics for the foreseeable future. Thanks to CNN for posting this fine and valuable information! ~Bruce Biles


The interactive heat map shows county-by-county natural disaster risk levels for every county in the continental United States. Click on the map to see county-by-county detailed information.

What are the chances your home will get damaged by a tornado, hurricane, earthquake or fire? RealtyTrac crunched the data in more than 3,000 counties nationwide to find out. Read more. Follow @RealtyTrac on Twitter.

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