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Storm Damage Across Southeast States

Here at, our objective is “to provide our users with near complete situational awareness in real time as disaster events unfold.”  I’ve been told by more than one MBA that this objective is complicated and hard to understand.  Another way to put it is that is a web based information system that allows you to track… in the News Recently

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Louisiana Resettlement Zone Map

News reports last week featured two recent projects. Working with Gulf Restoration Network, we created a set of maps and population figures that examine the impact of possible “resettlement zones” in Louisiana.  This assessment of the at risk population was featured in this report on WDSU Channel 6 earlier this week. In the Channel 6…

The Maps are not the Problem: In Perpetuating a Myth, Horowitz Misses the Key Point

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  Andy Horowitz’s recent New York Times opinion piece on the new flood insurance rate maps for New Orleans contains a number of inaccurate statements, fails to address the fundamental issue, and amounts to nothing more than picking on the “cash-strapped New Orleanians” as they continue the long process of recovering from catastrophic levee failures…