DisasterMap.net’s Analysis of the National Levee Database and 2010 Census

Posted on August 14, 2015 By

US Levees and Bad Levees

Introduction Our nation depends on levees and floodwalls to protect our communities, our homes, and our vital economic assets. America has nearly 15,000 floodwalls and almost 22,000 levees, according to our interpretation of a database maintained by the Army Corps of Engineers. These structures protect over 85,000 sq. miles that include 1,800 named Census places…

Turbulent Boundary between Contrasting Air Masses Driving Severe Weather over Southern Plains

Posted on June 5, 2015 By

  Recently, while driving home from a March trip to visit our friends at Malmay and Associates, we were  struck by the contrast in temperatures in the short distance between Monroe, La and Baton Rouge, La.  Leaving Monroe, the air was chilly and damp, and I joked that we should have packed sweaters. After a short drive south,…

Turmoil Around the Mediterranean Shores Illustrates Urgency of Climate Change Impacts

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The risk of demographic and political impacts of climate change has recently started to gain attention, though the issue is still framed as a future possibility.  For example, when announcing the release the Climate Change Adaption Roadmap, then Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel  stated that “among the future trends that will impact our national security is…