U.S. lacks a national plan to save its coastal cities—and it needs one now, according to a new report @MarkKobaCNBC

Wow! This is such a great article, by Mark Koba, on one of my own pet peeves, to wit: Infrastructure Preparedness. Too often national news glazes over the finer details of civic infrastructure investment and its relationship to climate change. But that is simply not how Business works, thrives and survives. Business wants details, cross-referential,…

Bloomberg to Offer Own Sandy Buy-Out Plan, with a Twist ~Mathew Schuerman

Weeks after New York Governor Andrew Cuomo proposed buying out homeowners in flood-prone areas, the Bloomberg administration is indicating that it will offer a similar program. But the mayor’s program could differ in one significant way: the properties the city acquires could be turned over to someone else to be developed again. Read more.