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Corps of Engineers boss: Poor waterway infrastructure hurts U.S. ~Austin Alonzo @KCBizJournal

As I’ve studied our nations waterways and levees for it’s become apparent that most of our systems were not built by the Corps of Engineers. It seems counter-intuitive at first glance. Oh, there are the obvious flood control systems, but this country has thousands of miles of civil water works built by civilians.  Thus…

Army Corps of Engineers embraces uncertainty in planning for climate change ~Jered Serbu, Federal News Radio

Leaders at the Army Corps of Engineers say the science is clear: The effects of climate change mean its vast network of civil works projects are going to have to stand up to weather events more severe than they’ve ever seen before, and those storms and droughts are going to be much harder to predict….

Corps flood control projects advanced by Senate passing water resources bill ~Bruce Alpert, | Times-Picayune

Among the key provisions in the Senate bill: — It gives the corps authority to perform future levee lifts on the New Orleans area hurricane protection system.– It authorizes more money from the Harbor Maintenance Trust Fund, financed by shipping companies, to dredge waterways, including the Mississippi River and Calcasieu River ports.– It lets states…