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Turmoil Around the Mediterranean Shores Illustrates Urgency of Climate Change Impacts

The risk of demographic and political impacts of climate change has recently started to gain attention, though the issue is still framed as a future possibility.  For example, when announcing the release the Climate Change Adaption Roadmap, then Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel  stated that “among the future trends that will impact our national security is…

Army Corps of Engineers embraces uncertainty in planning for climate change ~Jered Serbu, Federal News Radio

Leaders at the Army Corps of Engineers say the science is clear: The effects of climate change mean its vast network of civil works projects are going to have to stand up to weather events more severe than they’ve ever seen before, and those storms and droughts are going to be much harder to predict….

Noah’s Ark for Fruits, Nuts and Grapes ~Modern Farmer @ModFarm

Most people don’t consider Agriculture Disaster. It’s seen in the news as million pound recalls, or citrus blight, innocuous descriptions of systemic failure as well as natural disaster. For me there is no debate about climate change. I grew up on a cotton farm in Mississippi. Don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s…