Crisis Mapping

So what exactly is

Here at, our objective is “to provide our users with near complete situational awareness in real time as disaster events unfold.”  I’ve been told by more than one MBA that this objective is complicated and hard to understand.  Another way to put it is that is a web based information system that allows you to track…

Severe Weather, March 2016: Rapid Event Summary

Flash flooding across most of Louisiana along with parts of Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Tennessee. I-10 at Louisiana-Texas state line reopens after 60 hour closure.   6 fatalities reported and 2 people missing  Over 5,000 people rescued from flood waters including swift water rescues Estimated 18,000 homes suffer some degree of flood damage, consisting of 11,000 in Louisiana,…

Live: Crowdsourced Crisis Map of UAV/Aerial Videos for Disaster Response ~Patrick Meier, iRevolution

The first version of the Humanitarian UAV Network’s Crisis Map of UAV/aerial videos is now live on the Network’s website. The crowdsourced map features dozens of aerial videos of recent disasters. Like social media, this new medium—user-generated (aerial) content—can be used by humanitarian organizations to complement their damage assessments and thus improve situational awareness. Read more.