Disaster Resiliance

Live: Crowdsourced Crisis Map of UAV/Aerial Videos for Disaster Response ~Patrick Meier, iRevolution

The first version of the Humanitarian UAV Network’s Crisis Map of UAV/aerial videos is now live on the Network’s website. The crowdsourced map features dozens of aerial videos of recent disasters. Like social media, this new medium—user-generated (aerial) content—can be used by humanitarian organizations to complement their damage assessments and thus improve situational awareness. Read more.

How the U.S. Is Embracing Natural Disasters ~Jenny Xie, @NextCityOrg

I came into this business from the experience of covering disasters in real time to help those in the thick of it gain situational awareness. Yet, most of what we do here at DisasterMap.net involves contract work for cities, counties and states in their efforts at not only mitigating but surviving their next disasters. I’ve…