Drones for Good: Technology, Social Movements and The State ~ @PatrickMeier @uaeD4G

I started following Patrick Meier through Twitter and thus his approaches to Social Networking to mitigate disasters. For me it was a no-brainer that he would jump on drone UAV technology as a social networking tool. I saw the potential immediately, but these questions of privacy were driven home this past Christmas when my nephew…

The 3rd International Workshop on Social Web for Disaster Management (SWDM’15) ~ @PatrickMeier

If they offered a Nobel for Disaster Response, then Patrick Meier over at iRevolution would be the first up. I follow him on Twitter and you should too. He’s done more to hook up people in disaster both on the ground and in the cloud. ~Bruce Biles The 3rd International Workshop on Social Web for…

Live: Crowdsourced Crisis Map of UAV/Aerial Videos for Disaster Response ~Patrick Meier, iRevolution

The first version of the Humanitarian UAV Network’s Crisis Map of UAV/aerial videos is now live on the Network’s website. The crowdsourced map features dozens of aerial videos of recent disasters. Like social media, this new medium—user-generated (aerial) content—can be used by humanitarian organizations to complement their damage assessments and thus improve situational awareness. Read more.