.@NOLAnews New Orleans area hurricane levee designs should be reanalyzed by 2018, Corps of Engineers says ~Mark Schleifstein

As with our last post, we continue to cover the follow-through by our US Army Corps of Engineers with our nation’s disaster infrastructure. The Corps is a time machine, to wit: what they do, the things they build effect everyone in this nation drastically, symbiotically over short and long periods of time. There when the…

Army Corps of Engineers embraces uncertainty in planning for climate change ~Jered Serbu, Federal News Radio

Leaders at the Army Corps of Engineers say the science is clear: The effects of climate change mean its vast network of civil works projects are going to have to stand up to weather events more severe than they’ve ever seen before, and those storms and droughts are going to be much harder to predict….

Levees.org’s Open-air Levee Exhibition and Garden

Dear Bruce, Please join me this coming Friday to view the final plans for Levees.org’s proposed Open-air Levee Exhibition and Garden.The exhibit & garden, intended for both residents and visitors, will be built at east side breach site of the London Avenue Canal in Gentilly.It was one of the worst during Hurricane Katrina nine years…