Tropical Depression

U.S. lacks a national plan to save its coastal cities—and it needs one now, according to a new report @MarkKobaCNBC

Wow! This is such a great article, by Mark Koba, on one of my own pet peeves, to wit: Infrastructure Preparedness. Too often national news glazes over the finer details of civic infrastructure investment and its relationship to climate change. But that is simply not how Business works, thrives and survives. Business wants details, cross-referential,…

93L in Eastern Atlantic Growing More Organized ~Dr. Jeff Masters @wunderground

We’ll keep a sharper eye on this one since Dr. Masters has an uncanny ability for picking winners during Hurricane Season. An area of disturbed weather located near 10°N, 33°W at 8 am EDT Monday, about 500 miles southwest of the Cape Verde Islands, was designated Invest 93L by NHC early Monday morning. This disturbance…


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