Creating 3D maps & models with a #UAV ~Tim Lucas Perth @remsense

~Hat Tweet @PatrickMeier My name is Tim Lucas, I develop Autonomous Unmanned Systems and payloads. I have made this video to demonstrate how UAV’s carrying photogrammetry payloads can be used in the industry. The data you see in this video was gathered using “DINGO” a VTOL UAV designed by myself. You can also see footage…

Evaluating UAVs for Humanitarian Response ~Patrick Meir, iRevolution

As our FCC moves painfully slow to address this vital disaster response technology, the rest of the world is moving increasingly quick to embrace and develop these vehicles. ~Bruce Biles The¬†Humanitarian UAV Network¬†is carrying out an evaluation of UAVs and related technologies for use in humanitarian settings. The related technologies being evaluated include cameras, payload…

San Diego Wildfire

View Larger Map San Diego Fire Dept website has updates and twitter feeds here News outlets: LA Times, CNN, AP, Youtube,