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DMnet aims to provide our users with near complete situational awareness
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We also provide a variety of consultancy services.

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DisasterMap.net aims to provide our users with near complete situational awareness in real time as disaster events unfold.

Ezra Boyd is a hazards geographer and disaster scientist from New Orleans, La. In 2011, he earned his Ph.D. in Geography with a minor in Disaster Science and Management from Louisiana State University. His dissertation presented a comprehensive assessment and analysis of deaths associated with Hurricane Katrina and the catastrophic failure of the Federal levee system for southeast Louisiana. While at LSU, he participated in the Team Louisiana report for the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development and co-authored the Health Care and Disaster Planning book for the Louisiana State Medical Society. Prior to launching DisasterMap.net, he worked at the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation where his research projects included the Multiple Lines of Defense Strategy , the 2010 BP Oil Well Blowout , the Bohemia Spillway , and Mardi Gras Pass , an emerging distributary of the Mississippi River. He also taught geography at the Southern University at New Orleans and disaster science and management at LSU. His research on the preparations, response, and impacts of Hurricane Katrina and the failure of the flood protection system has been published in Risk Analysis; Public Performance and Management Review; Risk, Hazards, and Crisis in Public Policy; and an upcoming article in the International Journal of Systems Biology and Biomedical Technologies. His most recent publication, in the Journal of Emergency Management, describes a coordinated surveillance program in response to the 2010 BP Oil Well Blowout.

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We provide a variety of mapping and data analysis services.

Learn About Our Consulting Services

Learn About Our Consulting Services

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