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Hurricane Isaac, Aug. 2012
This page provides an overview of
Hurricane Isaac which impacted southeast Louisiana with widespread coastal and inland flooding.

Situation Overview: 14 ft. storm surge and 20+ inches of rain caused significant flood impacts throughout Southeast Louisiana;
26,000 homes flooded, 7,000 people rescued, 6 deaths, 341,000 gallons of hazardous materials released including 191,000 gallons from Stolthaven.

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Peak Surge Heights:
Plaquemines Eastbank 14 ft.
Lake Borgne 13 ft.
Lake Pontchartrain Northshore 9 ft.
Lake Pontchartrain Southshore 7 ft.
Plaquemines Westbank 7 ft.
Grand Isle 6 ft.

Links to various tidal gauges during the event:
(Redirects to NOAA site)
Shell Beach (St. Bernard Parish Near Lake Borgne)
New Canal Station (New Orleans Lakefront)
Grand Isle
Mississippi River at Carrollton Gage (Uptown New Orleans)
Pilot Town, La (near mouth of Mississippi River)

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