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Hurricane Sandy October 2012
This page aggregates provides a general overview of Hurricane Sandy,
which impacted the Northeast States with storm surge, strong winds, and heavy rain.

Situation Overview: 160 fatalities in US states,
over 700,000 homes damaged or destroyed, $65 billion in damages in US

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Peak Surge Heights:
The Battery, NYC 14 ft.
Sandy Hook, NJ 13 ft.
(incomplete record due to gage malfunction)
Kings Point, NY 10.4 ft.
New Haven, CT 8.9 ft.
Atlantic City, NJ 6.6 ft.

Links to various tidal gauges during the event:
(Redirects to NOAA site)
The Battery, NY
Sandy Hook, NJ
Kings Point, NY
New Haven, CT
Atlantic City, NJ

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